Cameyo Runs Windows Applications In The Browser

Cameyo Runs Windows Applications In The Browser

Several years ago, we looked at Cameyo which allowed you to create portable versions of just about any app. The company now offers an even cooler service: running Windows apps in a browser window.

Cameyo comes with a built-in library of many free or open source apps (presumably paid apps will be absent due to licenses). You can also upload your own package files and after a few minutes of processing, you can run the app in its own tab. There are obviously some limitations, since the apps run separately in a virtual environment and you can’t access your entire file system, but you can connect the apps to Dropbox to save your settings and files generated within the app itself.

Cameyo [via Into Windows]


  • It looks like they throw you into a hyperv instance with a reasonable number of others (the VM I was on had 10 users). 4 cores at 3.7ghz, 16gb of ram, and server 2012 R2. Not bad for ‘free to play around with’.

    Some general notes:
    -Depending on load, you might be waiting a little while for a slot to open up. It feels like their limits are being pushed a bit right now.
    -it’s pretty easy to break out into generic windows apps. Just run something like windirstat, browse to cmd.exe and launch it.
    -Not all the apps are properly configured (chrome had some serious problems when I tried it)
    -A quick speed test in firefox got a steady 350Mb/s, so network applications are looking good.
    -While it might be tempting to load up a bitcoin miner and go to town, they’ll probably knock your session over long before you get anything useful out of it.

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