What Are The Benefits Of Being Left-Handed?

Being a lefty myself, I'm always keen to read and watch more about the reasons why humans aren't split down the middle when it comes to hand dominance. Turns out science doesn't have a specific answer yet, but that doesn't mean we can't hear what the popular theories are and explanations as to how our brains, animals and even the universe, has its preferences for right and left.

This post was originally published on Gizmodo Australia.

It's Okay To Be Smarts Joe Hanson, who previously explored the practicality of interstellar melee, this week takes on the topic of left-handedness.

As mentioned, there's no solid answers just yet, but it is fascinating to learn about how the different centres of our brains — language, for example — can be located on either hemisphere and how certain genes can do a good job of predicting hand dominance... though not entirely.

Having two left-handed parents boosts the chances of having a left-handed child to 29 per cent, while a right-handed couple is just nine per cent.

The world may be out to get us with its scissors and, uh, pens, but at least we can become professional tennis and baseball players (or marauding Vikings) knowing we have an advantage.

Why Are Some People Left-Handed? [YouTube]


    The benefits of left-handedness should be immediately obvious to anyone who's ever spent any time with one of us creative and intellectual titans, either experiencing our genius in the bedroom, at work, or longingly gazing on our godlike countenances from afar.

    The only drawback?

    The absolutely gimpy handwriting.

      I'm a Leftie and my writing is absolutely perfect

    I'm left handed with some things, and right handed with others. It is roughly and even split. Some things I can do equally well with both hands, for example using a knife or spoon when eating, holding & using a glass to drink with, using taps, door handles and more.

      I'm in a similar boat, but I find that my left hand is better with fine motor skills, so I prefer to use it.

    He may be onto something with the burning at the stake thing. Kidding :)

    "Now we're both lefties!"
    Comedy gold.

    I think sport is the only place where 'lefties' are sought after. A similarly skilled athlete with a left arm/boot can be a huge advantage in baseball/cricket/football (soccer).

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