Carry A Sheet Of Plywood By Yourself With A Loop Of Rope

A standard sheet of plywood is 1.22 x 2.44m and weighs anywhere from 11.3 to 38.5kg, depending on the thickness. The dimensions make a sheet awkward to carry by yourself, even if you can handle the weight. Make it a bit easier on yourself with a length of rope.

All you need to make carrying sheets of plywood a bit easier is a 6.1m piece of rope. Tie the ends together to form a loop, hook the rope around two corners of the sheet and grab the middle of the rope like a handle, using your body to brace the weight.

One more tip: the video above uses a simple knot to join the two ropes, but that's not the best choice. Instead, use a double fisherman's knot for a stronger connection.

How To: Carry a Sheet of Plywood By Yourself [Porch]


    ProTip - just get a trolley before walking up to the timber section.

    Fisherman's knot seems over the top for a 30 second walk before you realise 'ahh fk it, i'll get a trolley'

      Yeah and then when you get the sheet to the work site just use the same trolley

      But what about from the car to your backyard/worksite?

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