Tie A Garbage Bag More Easily By Flipping It A Few Times

When you’re trying to tie a garbage bag, it can be a real pain getting the two ends together. Give the bag a few flips around and it will be much easier.

YouTuber Grant Thompson, “The King of Random“, has an effective method for getting your garbage bags tied up with ease. Just pull two ends away from each other until they’re taut — enough so garbage can’t go flying out — and give the bag a few good flips around. The spinning will keep the waste away from the opening of the plastic of the bag and the plastic will get even tighter so you can tie the ends up with no problems. If your garbage is filled with a lot of fluids for some reason, this might not be ideal, but otherwise no more garbage bag hassle.

QC#47 – Trash Sack Lifehack [YouTube]

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