Hemingway, The Webapp That Helps You Proofread, Is Now On Desktop

Hemingway, the Webapp that Helps You Proofread, Is Now on Desktop

Windows/Mac: We're fans of Hemingway because it makes it easy to glance at a block of text and edit it by highlighting all your syntax. Now, the webapp is available for Windows and Mac.

The desktop version is essentially a skin of the web app, but it works offline and it seems to handle larger blocks of texts better. The desktop version does have a few extra tricks up its sleeve, including support for Markdown, a more useful "Write" function of the app, and the ability to save. Otherwise, it's still a handy tool to proofread short blocks of texts like emails.

Hemingway ($US4.99)


    Two problems I can see straight off. Firstly - it uses American English, so no good for the rest of the English speaking world, and secondly, it advises (incorrectly) not to use adverbs. English is a powerful language, and has already been severely damaged by the Americans, so forcing a writer to use US English spelling and grammar is bad enough, but advising him or her not to use adverbs is criminally irresponsible.

    Either one of these reasons should put you off using it. If you do, then it is highly unlikely you'll end up with a well written piece.

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