Transform A Power Drill Into A Miniature Wood Lathe

If you want to turn wood to make spindles or decorative chair legs, you're going to need a lathe. Rather than spending a fortune on expensive hardware, you can put an old drill to good use instead.

We've already looked at creating a mini-metal lathe, but Hack A Day highlights a video by Jack Houweling in which he shows how to create a wood tool instead. There are no particularly specialist tools involved, but a degree of workshop competence is needed.

The end result may not be something you could use on an industrial scale, but it seems to work well and serves as a gentle introduction to using a lathe — it's certainly a cheaper option than buying a full-sized model.

Check out the video for full instructions.

Clever Re-purposing of a Power Drill Results in a Mini Wood Lathe [Hack A Day]


    How ridiculous, if you want to burn out your power drill then go ahead. Here's a tip, power drills are not built to be used as lathes, want a lathe then buy a lathe, they are very well priced.


    Not only is it ridiculous, its dangerous. Lathe's aren't to be messed with and doing a half a**'d attempt is going to get you hurt..

    where can i learn how to sharpen a screwdriver so i can get started making anteak furniture

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