The Easiest Way To Tie A Bow Tie

You might not associate bow ties with Alton Brown, but you haven't seen some of his more recent TV shows. In his latest video, he shows us how to pick a good-looking bow tie and how to tie one easily.

The full video is worth watching, especially if you don't already own bow ties or think they are only meant to be worth with a tuxedo (he goes out of his way to highlight more than a few classy gentlemen who often wore bow ties without looking like circus performers). Alton walks through common styles of bow ties, from the standard bow to the Jackson to the ever-sharp batwing tie.

If you're not sure what size bow tie to get, the simple equation to remember is to take your neck size (same as you'd use for collared shirts), double it and add two inches (5cm).

From there, he explains that tying a bow tie is a lot like tying a shoe. It's difficult to describe in text, but Alton walks you through each step in the video, complete with close-ups so you can see exactly what to do with your hands. Of course, mastering the bow tie requires practice, so you'll only get there if you own one to try out.

How to Tie a Bow Tie [Alton Brown]


    or get a pretired one... much easyer

      I've always been of the belief that someone in a bow tie is one of two types of people:
      a) someone taking the piss
      b) someone who takes themselves waay too seriously.

      Which is why I will NEVER understand a pre-tied bow tie. It's like you wanted to be superior to all the double Windsors , but you couldn't actually afford a real bow tie. It screams "HEY EVERYBODY, LOOK AT ME!!! THIS BOW TIE GOES GREAT WITH MY FAKE ROLEX AND FAKE ARMANI SUIT!!!!"

      I'm always intrigued by the guy at the party who is wearing a real, tied, bow-tie. Are they taking the piss, or full of themselves?

    Don't get a pre-tied one. They stand out like nothing else and anyone with any form of dignity can spot them a mile away.

    Also, the better the silk, the easier it is to tie in my experience. I've worn cheap ones for Dr. Who parties and I've worn expensive black-tie style bows. The nicer ones had me swearing in front of the mirror less (you will swear a lot when getting into it originally, it's a little tricky at first).

    Don't get a bow tie at all. And if you do, no one is going to care how you've tied it. If you are at an event that requires a bow tie then you are either 1 - A male model or 2 - some sort of crazy aristocrat or 3 - trying your hardest to be an uber hipster. Either way. I say no.

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