Reacquaint Yourself With Gallipoli In This 3D Web App

Reacquaint Yourself With Gallipoli In This 3D Web App
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On this day of remembrance, the actual act of remembering is a little hard if you haven’t had a refresher since year 10 Modern History. This interactive web app will take you through the plight of the ANZACs in a way you won’t forget.

Made by the good folks over at the ABC in 2009, it was a good thing they put this together when they did — it features some powerful interviews with ANZAC soldiers, the likes of which can’t be recorded again. It also has videos and animations telling chapters of the story, connected by a camera that whizzes around the battlefield, keeping parts of the story relevant to each other.

Profiles are available on some of the soldiers, and there’s an overall timeline with supporting historical blurbs to put it all into perspective. It’s a great resource for an Australian — and despite the rather sad subject matter, it does a good job of holding your attention and keeping you engaged. I found it was easy to let time slip by, and though I may be bit of a sucker for military history, I think this would be a decent activity to invite a few family members around the computer to experience with you.

You can check it out here — and the site even lets you download the app, if that’s more convenient for you.