Have Some Sugar-Free ANZAC Biscuits — You’re Sweet Enough Already

Have Some Sugar-Free ANZAC Biscuits — You’re Sweet Enough Already
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If you’re like me, cooking and baking are somewhat alien things, and Dr Google is needed for something as simple as a recipe for ANZAC biscuits. After checking online, and as someone who is actively trying to cut out the sugar, it was a little scary how much of my white powdery weakness is poured into these things. Here are a couple recipes that’ll make you feel better about annihilating a whole plate of these.

ANZAC Biscuits from Shutterstock

Whether it’s for weight loss, or if like me you have a family history of the diabeetus, avoiding sugar is a good idea. And if you look up videos of our traditional biscuits being made, they’re throwing in literally tonnes of the stuff. Okay, not literally. Not even close. Perhaps the recipe should be ingrained in our DNA by this point and I’m committing some sort of sacrilege, but perhaps the sacrifices of others are best honoured by respecting our own bodies.

At least, before we pour a few beers. Right?

Over at IQuitSugar, there’s a nice recipe for a sugar-free ANZAC biscuit. Like most recipes from cooking sites, there are a bunch of things I don’t have in my cupboard, but for the most part they’re easily replaceable with something similar, or just okay to be left out. It is a simple biscuit, after all.

If you’re of the Paleo persuasion, or gawk at gluten, The Healthy Chef has a recipe to cover you as well. It even has organic oatmeal. Once again, these chefs severely overestimate the contents of my bachelor kitchen. Like I have coconuts standing by, ready to be flaked. I’ll just have to make the best of it today.

If you have any other great recipes or methods, leave them below.


  • There are few biscuit or cake recipes that I’ve tried in recent years that have suffered from reducing the specified sugar quantities by 50% or more.

  • This recipe replaces the white sugar in the recipe I use with an equivalent volume of rice syrup, which is… sugar? Leaving aside the ins and outs of what particular sugars do what to you and when, I don’t imagine you’re making any difference to the total calorie count.

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