Briefly: Mapping A Mouse's Brain, Cheap Games At Target

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including the first-ever full mammal brain map and a Target mega-bargain games sale.

  • Ever wondered how a mouse's brain works? If you figured "a bit like New Year's Eve fireworks", you'd be write. US scientists have produced a detailed (albeit incomplete) map of the neural connections in a mouse's brain. The full story is at Gizmodo.
  • If you hate the gym, it may be because you're doing it wrong. POPSUGAR Fitness rounds up five common gym mistakes. Why would anyone not use a free personal trainer?
  • Target is running a surprisingly good games sale, with a bunch of top-notch titles for $29, including Skyrim and Dishonored. Get the scoop at Kotkau.


    "You'd be write"?

      I might be black, I might be white, I could be write, I could be ring? - badly remembered pil lyric

      Get the scoop at Kotkau? Two errors in 122 words, that's one error every 61 words!

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