“We Aren’t Something, Until We Are”

“We Aren’t Something, Until We Are”
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when we want to change something about ourselves — be it an aspect of our personality our of line of work — it doesn’t just happen overnight. And everything we believe we are now didn’t happen that way, either.

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Sarah Kathleen Peck, writing for the 99u, reminds us that change is a slow process:

It is difficult to change our lives because we constantly tell ourselves stories about who we are and what we’re capable of. However, your story is often changing, so you may feel compelled not to mention anything until it is certain or has already happened; we aren’t something, until we are. Parents are familiar with this phenomenon: for all of your life you weren’t a parent, and then, holy smokes, you are. The same goes for students, new employees, and business-owners: you weren’t a graduate, until you were. It happens slowly, and then, it seems, all at once.

Sarah offers some great advice on creating a mindset to foster the change in yourself that you want to see. (Wow, that was one of the most self-helpy sentences I’ve ever written!) Check out her full post on the 99u for some good ideas.

Answering the Dreaded “So, What Do You Do?” Question [The 99u]


  • Its spooky to think about how these things happen slowly, but feel so instant. Just goes to show that life’s short.

  • I know this is dumb.. But it bothers me that the first word in the article isn’t capitalized lol

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