Still No Chromecast For Australia

Recent rumours have suggested that Google's Chromecast streaming dongle might soon officially go on sale in Australia. Today, Google announced that Chromecast would appear in 11 more countries, but Australia isn't one of them.

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Instead, Chromecast is being released in 10 European countries and Canada. It isn't hard to import a Chromecast (try eBay if you're on the hunt), but there won't be any local apps integrated. In the UK, there's a built-in app for the BBC iPlayer. I'd love to see an ABC iView app on the Chromecast if it does come to Australia. In the meantime, if you do acquire one, there are plenty of other Android apps that will work with it.


    Just ordered mine from fishpond($55). Google recently opened up their api so there will be a heap of apps coming out over the next year... Hopefully.

      um..... i did that too. never came and the guy was trying out a scam. Hopefully you have better luck.

        Are you saying fishpond are scamming us? Or did you buy it elsewhere?

    Y NO Australia?????? I REALLY would like one of these.

    I like mine (watched the new Veronica Mars movie from the Play store on saturday) but wish apps like Ted had ChromeCast support.

      Doesn't TED have a YouTube channel

        Yes, but the TED app is a much better TED browser... plus im not sure all TED talks are on Youtube.

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