Men Who Weigh Less Like Their Penises More

Men Who Weigh Less Like Their Penises More

Penis size has long been a concern for most men, but how you feel about yours might have more to do with the size of your body than your genitals. An online survey revealed that overall satisfaction declined with increased weight.

As you can see in the infographic below (from Dr. Justin Lehmiller), body type causes a significant impact on how men view their penises. Around 60 per cent of underweight men and men with a healthy weight reported they were generally satisfied with their penis size. Overweight men showed a small drop (about 5 per cent) while obese men took a large dive (about 15 per cent). While there isn’t much you can do to increase your penis size, the data suggests that losing weight will increase your satisfaction. And a good pubic haircut won’t hurt, either.

How Men Feel About Their Own Penises [The Psychology of Human Sexuality]


  • The infographic doesn’t have much detail. It’s possible that this is because men with bigger penises (and therefore are happy with it) are also not overweight. Could there be a common cause for that?

  • Makes sense. If you’re overweight and half your penis is buried in fat, or you can’t even see it past your belly, you’re not likely to be satisfied with it.

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