Hang Tank Tops In Your Wardrobe With Shower Curtain Rings

Hang Tank Tops in Your Closet with Shower Curtain Rings

Why waste space hanging smaller items like tank tops on individual hangars? Instead, hang multiple tanks on shower curtain rings. They take up much less room and are easier to sort through.

If space is at a premium and you'd rather avoid folding your tank tops and similar items, home blog According to Elle has a great solution for you. Just grab a pack of closable shower cutrain rings and get to work. You can hang multiple tops on a single ring and still be able to see what you've got at a glance.



    This is ridiculous. Did you even look at the photos before you reposted this?

    Of all the items that a women has in her wardrobe, tank tops probably take up the least space. On what planet is hanging them all bunched-like more convenient then folding them neatly in a drawer? Not to mention the hassle of unhooking the shower ring every time you need a singlet. C'mon.

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