Briefly: Molyneux Speaks, Strangers Kiss, N64 Revisted

Brief news items of Lifehacker for readers including: Inside the mind of legendary game designer Peter Molyneux, the art of strangers kissing, the colourful history of the Nintendo 64.

  • Peter Molyneux is the genius behind the classic video games Populous, Syndicate, Black & White, Dungeon Keeper and Fable; to name but a few. He’s also notorious for making huge, lofty promises about his games that he usually can’t keep. Head over to Kotaku for a fascinating insight into this frustrating figure.
  • A US filmmaker asked twenty strangers to kiss for the first time and then captured their sweetly awkward negotiations on video. We can’t decide whether this is icky or adorable — maybe a bit of both.
  • Pro German table tennis player Timo Boll recently took on a start-of-the-art robot specifically designed to play ping-pong. Who will win in this contest between man and machine? Place your bets and watch the video.
  • Remember the Nintendo 64? It was great, wasn’t it? Here’s a swathe of interesting N64 factoids that even the biggest Mario fan might not know.

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