Todoist Next Update Brings Shared Tasks, Visual Scheduling

Todoist has rolled out a big update to its popular to-do app. Todoist Next (which brings the app to version 3.0) is a complete rewrite, bringing major features such as shared collaboration, visual scheduling and a revamped interface across all platforms.

Todoist made the top five when we rounded up our favourite personal project management tools. Today, the developers have released Todoist Next for the web, iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, and even Outlook, Thunderbird and Gmail.

The free version of Todoist includes most of what you’ll want from a to-do app, with a premium version (at $US3/month or $US29/year) adding advanced features such as reminders, notes and file attachments, custom filters and project templates.

Announcing Todoist Next — The To-do List for Life’s Every Moment [Todoist Blog]

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