Google Slides Adds Widescreen Option

Google Slides Adds Widescreen Option

Google has added the option to create widescreen presentations to its Slides presentation webapp. Indeed, Google appears so enamoured of the idea it has now made 16:9 widescreen the default option for all new presentations.

If you want a different ratio (useful if, for example, you know you’ll be working with an older projector which doesn’t have widescreen output), you can change the format by choose File –> Page setup. You can choose 4:3, 16:9, 16:10 or a custom size.

This is a useful addition, but also reminds us that Google’s web-based office apps can lag behind their desktop rivals. Microsoft’s PowerPoint has offered a widescreen mode since 2007, and made widescreen the default in the 2013 release.

More magic in Slides: editable themes and widescreen presentations [Google Drive Blog]

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