Lync And Skype Can Now Talk To Each Other

Lync And Skype Can Now Talk To Each Other

Microsoft has begun the process of integrating consumer-centric Skype with enterprise-friendly Lync. The first stage allows Lync and Skype users to share contacts and make calls and send messages to each other.

If you want to set this up, Microsoft has a detailed provisioning guide.

Lync-Skype connectivity available today [The Lync Team Blog]


      • Because they opposed the merger to some degree in the first place and have just had their case heard just this week.

        • Yeah good luck with that. Cisco basically want to be able to use the Skype network for their own purposes. Even if they pay for it, I see absolutely no reason why MS would be legally obligated to do so..

          I’ve read their comments many times – and their main claim is that in other acquisitions there’s been a requirement for interoperability – so that the tech stays open.. But hey. There wasn’t this time. So I don’t really see how that’s relevant. I’m sure MS compensated Skype more than fairly for the ability to NOT share..

          It’s like a friend with a chocolate bar – then you ask that friend if you can have some (you’ll pay), and they say no – so you take them to court?

          Seems pretty likely to result in a win?

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