Lync And Skype Can Now Talk To Each Other


    Just waiting for Cisco to start the anti competitive lawsuits in the EU...

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      Er.. Why?

        Because they opposed the merger to some degree in the first place and have just had their case heard just this week.

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          Yeah good luck with that. Cisco basically want to be able to use the Skype network for their own purposes. Even if they pay for it, I see absolutely no reason why MS would be legally obligated to do so..

          I've read their comments many times - and their main claim is that in other acquisitions there's been a requirement for interoperability - so that the tech stays open.. But hey. There wasn't this time. So I don't really see how that's relevant. I'm sure MS compensated Skype more than fairly for the ability to NOT share..

          It's like a friend with a chocolate bar - then you ask that friend if you can have some (you'll pay), and they say no - so you take them to court?

          Seems pretty likely to result in a win?

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