Hack A $20 Lamp Into An iPad Holder For The Bedroom

Hack A $20 Lamp Into An iPad Holder For The Bedroom

Using a tablet in bed is usually a hassle — whether you opt to lie on your back or lean on your elbow, you eventually get tired or cramped arms. Simon Knowles has come up with a novel solution that lets you watch movies in bed hands-free. He calls it the iPoise.

To make the iPoise iPad holder, all you need is an IKEA TERTIAL lamp (RRP: $19.99) and an iPad wall holder such as the 4World Grip X20. Here are Simon’s instructions in full:

“Remove the lamp fitting and flatten bracket from the lamp. Then take the iPad wall holder, position the bracket in the centre of the rotating disc, drill a couple of holes and get a couple of small bolts nuts and washers. Fit the bracket and there you have it — a multi-positional iPad bedside holder for less than 20 quid!”

In addition to making bedtime browsing more comfortable, we can imagine the iPoise suiting a variety of purposes, ranging from a versatile photography tripod to a tablet music stand.

iPoise [IKEA Hackers]

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