Google Compute Engine Now Open To All Users

A backend change from Google that snuck in amongst all the high-profile changes to search, Google+ and Google Now at Google I/O: its Google Compute Engine (GCE) infrastructure-as-a-service offering is now open to anyone.

Google announced GCE at Google I/O 2012, but the product has only been in a limited trial since that time. Like its obvious AWS and Azure rivals, it charges based on usage, with higher rates for access to more powerful virtual machines. There's a minimum 10 minutes usage, with one minute increments after that.

GCE has hosted instances in the USA and Europe. One area where Australian customers could get stung: downloading charges for data are higher in this region ($0.21 per GB) than in the US or Europe ($0.12 per GB).

Ushering in the next generation of computing at Google I/O [Google Enterprise Blog]


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