How To Make A Raspberry Pi Sail The Ocean Blue

It seems like it was only last week that it was Raspberry Pi week here at Lifehacker. Oh… that's right, it was. That doesn't mean that the Pi fun stops, however. This nifty hack puts the Raspberry Pi into a craft that should (in theory) be ready for the open seas.

Image: Instructables

The aim of the FishPi project is to create a Marine Unmanned Surface Vessel able to cross the Atlantic ocean unaided, making measurements as it goes. That's quite a bold aim, and you may not want your Pi to take to the open waves, but the makers have made their Proof Of Concept plans available via Instructables if you're keen on a nautical Pi. Pirate flags and Captain Pugwash figures are, sadly, not included.

Making an autonomous boat using a Raspberry Pi [Instructables]


    Another chapter in The Life Of Pi.

    (For those who haven't read it, almost the whole story happens at sea, so the pun works, ok?).

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