Put Oddly Shaped Gifts Into A Cereal Box For Easier Wrapping

We've shared a few ways to wrap oddly shaped gifts, but Lifehacker reader TVViewer shows us one of the easiest methods yet: just put it in a cereal box and wrap as normal.

Picture: LenDog64

TVViewer offers this suggestion:

Any odd shaped items to wrap? Put them in an empty cereal or oatmeal box first. I gave 2 friends ramekins and cut an oatmeal box in half for both gifts. A cylinder is easy to wrap and the recipient will never guess what's inside.

Doesn't get much simpler than that! What are some of the tricks you use?


    Why stop at one box? Half the fun is putting a small item inside about 5 or 6 really oversized boxes.

    I guess you could start having some fun with this and make all sorts of different shape its too bad i've already wrapped mine or some one might think there getting a miniature toy pony

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