Add A Shutdown Button To The Windows 8 Start Menu

With Windows 8's radical user interface many familiar windows elements are not present or must be accessed differently. If you're missing the shutdown button and don't want to use the new charms bar you can add back your shutdown button the start menu manually.

Educational weblog WonderHowTo shares that, to make a shutdown button for your start screen, you must first create a desktop shortcut (right-click, new shortcut) and enter this line of code in the location field:

Shutdown.exe — s — a 00

Name the desktop shortcut "Shutdown" and click Finish. Finally, right-click on that shortcut and choose Properties then Change Icon and from the menu that pops up you will pin the shortcut to your start menu. The video above shows you how to complete each step.

How to Add an Actual Shutdown Button to the Windows 8 Start Screen [WonderHowTo]


    Provided they haven't gone and changed the Shutdown command as well as the entire UI, the shutdown command should be:

    shutdown.exe -s -t 0

    No double hyphens, no spaces after hyphen, -a is abort shutdown.

    i used:
    shutdown -r -t 0 (to restart)
    shutdown -s -t 0 -f (to force shutdown)
    for my laptop, i just close the lid though...

      Thanks! Do you know what to type to get a sleep shortcut?

        on a laptop I just close the lid - I should add that you can go to Power Options and change what happens to make it shutdown if you wish, as madwog says...

        Last edited 06/11/12 3:35 pm

    Looks just like Win 7. Can't see the need to upgrade unless you have a tablet.

    or you could just google 'superfast shutdown' download and install

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