Nintendo Announces Wii U Aussie Release

Nintendo Announces Wii U Aussie Release

Two different packs will hit stores, both on November 30th, but will consumers flock to buy?

Mark over at Kotaku stayed up late to ferret out the official Australian pricing and release date for the surprisingly successful Wii’s successor, the similarly oddly named Wii U. It’ll go on sale in two packs in Australia on November 30th; the basic Wii U will retail for $349.95, while the “premium” pack will set you back $429.95. The Premium model comes with a black Wii U, 32GB of storage, a copy of Nintendo land and an HDMI cable.

That’s a relatively aggressive price point against the entrenched competition; you can pick up a PS3 or Xbox for around $350 currently (a little cheaper for some lower-spec packages or as a 2nd hand refurbished unit), and it’d be fair to assume that retailers may chop just a little off that price when it comes time to actually put units out on store shelves. It’s still a little painful compared to the US prices, where the basic and premium sets will sell for US$299.99 and US$349.95 respectively.

The Wii ended up being a very hackable machine, whether your interests were in homebrew applications or (increasingly) game piracy, and it’ll be an interesting cat and mouse game with the Wii U in this respect, especially given its backwards compatibility with the existing Wii. Will you rush out to buy one, or sit back and wait for the hacks?

Aussie Wii U Price And Release Date Revealed [Kotaku]

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