ShareMouse Controls Multiple Computers With A Single Keyboard And Mouse

Windows/Mac: If you have more than one computer at your workspace, ShareMouse will let you control them all with a single keyboard and mouse, as well as copy and paste text between them and drag files back and forth.

Synergy has long been our favourite tool for sharing your mouse and keyboard across machines, but it's always been a tad complicated to set up. ShareMouse, on the other hand, takes literally seconds to get up and running. Just install the app on each of your computers, start it up on each machine, and you're done. It will automatically detect the other computers running ShareMouse, and you can start moving your mouse between them instantly. It works on both Windows PCs and Macs, and comes in a portable flavour for each if you don't want to install a new program.

Not only can you move your mouse between machines, but you can copy text on one computer and paste it to the other using the keyboard shortcuts you're already used to, or even drag a file from one computer to the other. If you head into the settings, you can arrange your monitor, customise the app's keyboard shortcuts, protect it with a password, and dim the screen of the inactive computer. If you're tired of cluttering up your desk with multiple keyboards and mice, this is the app you've been waiting for.

So what's the catch? ShareMouse is free for most users, but not all users. If it sees you as a "power user" — that is, if it detects more than two monitors, more than two computers, or if you use professional software like Adobe products, it'll prompt you to buy the software every few minutes (in which case, we'd recommend checking out Synergy again). If you fit the two computers, one-monitor-each criteria though, it's probably your best option. Check out their FAQ for more information, and hit the link below to try it out.



    What's wrong with RDP/VNC now? They are networked!
    Free Windows/Mac/Linux.
    Less pretty, and does everything but the file drag & drop

      This would have been my suggestion too. Works on lots of operating systems, theres even been talk of an android tablet client application :P

    On the Mac, teleport is the easiest to setup and use, plus its free!

    Dragging files back and forth is a great feature that synergy has long needed to implement...

    What *I* want to see one of these programs implement is a VNC/Vmware Fusion Unity-like feature, where you can drag a WINDOW over to another monitor, and have it seamlessly render the window in the remote machine and tunnel events back and forth.



      I never actually tried it but MaxiVista seems to do that

    I use Mouse Without Borders from Microsoft Garage. Works well most of the time.

    KVM switches for me, especially for those POST moments...

    yea just installed it, But im only using 2 computer but 1 is dual screen. So with 3 screens im considered pro and need to buy it. Hmm not really too sure about it. Also fine print "You need to purchase a separate license for each computer you wish to use with ShareMouse."

    Mouse without borders has up to 4 computers and is free.
    Haven't found any problems with it so far and my main computer has 2 screens

    ShareMouse is very misleading .. It says its free for Personal Use but people will fall into the trap of Professional Use when a user have 3 monitor setup.. Felt cheated with the Freeware policy..

    I use Input Director

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