Chrome OS Gets New Interface, Now Available On Desktop 'Chromeboxes'

We recently showed you Chrome OS' new look complete with a desktop, a taskbar, and the ability to use multiple Chrome windows. Today Samsung and Google are releasing new hardware for the OS as well: a slick new Chromebook and a small desktop Chromebox.

The Chromebook has been updated with a sleeker design, more powerful internals (up to three times faster than the old model, according to Google), and the new version of Chrome OS sporting its desktop, taskbar and window manager. It also has much better trackpad support and an improved remote desktop tool.

More interesting, though, is the Mac Mini-sized Chromebox that brings Chrome OS to desktop computers, complete with a number of ports (six USB 2.0 ports and two DisplayPort++ slots), support for multiple monitors, and a $US329 price tag. Chrome OS devices haven't exactly set the world on fire to date, and we haven't seen any officially released in Australia. Time will tell if the new interface and the addition of a desktop model will make the platform successful enough for a proper global release.

Existing Chromebook users should be able to update their version of Chrome OS soon if they haven't already. Of course, you can always put together your own Chromebook or Chromebox with Chromium OS, too.

Slick new Chromebook, first "Chromebox" desktop out from Samsung today [Ars Technica]


    Chrome OS should be freely available to download, like Ubuntu and Joli OS...

      It is. It's just like Android - it's open source so anyone can build it. Hexxeh's work is the most notable but I'm not sure where his projects are at.

      You can use Hexxeh's ChromiumOS builds. There's Vanilla and Lime. Lime has more drivers and support for a wider range of devices, but Vanilla is more lightweight.

      You'll need a 2GB USB

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