The One-Page Career ‘Cheat Sheet’

Often we have mixed feelings about our jobs and a hard time figuring out whether to stay or look for a different position. If you want to do some soul-searching, ask yourself the 10 questions on this career cheat sheet.

Drawn up by communications specialist Sarah Kathleen Peck, the flowchart asks things like if the job makes you feel challenged and whether the people in the organisation are open to new ideas and receptive to each other. In other words, basic, fundamental questions that force you to really reflect about the job.

Answer yes, not sure, or no, and if you have more than five yes answers, congratulations — you’ve got a good job. If not, there are follow-up questions Sarah suggests on her blog, such as whether the situation will change.

Here’s the full cheat sheet. Click to expand or right-click to save. See Sarah’s blog post for more advice or share your own thoughts about figuring out if a job is right or not in the comments:

The one-page career “cheat sheet” [It Starts With]

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