Win A $300 Experience Voucher For Valentine's Day

We've already offered some suggestions on buying the right Valentine's Day gift, but if you win this competition, your problems are solved. One lucky ready will score a $300 voucher from Red Balloon, which you can spend on any experience offered through the site.

This competition runs for just 24 hours, and we'll email the voucher to the lucky winner straight away, so you can still use it as your main gift on Valentine's Day — and even redeem it for the ideal gift experience if you want. (We won't tell if you don't.)

To enter, just tell us in the comments about your worst-ever romantic experience. The one we find most amusing (or harrowing) wins the prize. Full terms and conditions here. Get searching and get commenting!


    Once I decided to do something extremely romantic and named a star for my then girlfriend. You don’t get to choose which star you get to name so when I received the certificate and star maps etc.. I searched for the star. Turns out that the star that I had been assigned was in Canis Major (a dog shaped constellation), but what made it Very amusing was that the particular star I had in this constellation looked as though it was positioned right at the anus of the dog. We couldn’t stop laughing..

      The most harrowing experience was in a beautiful penthouse in the Melbourian. I was just about to propose when she asked if I was going to. I did ask her, but then she thought I wa joking in that awful unsure kind of way. Then we sat in silence, not sure what to say....

    Not sure I can trust this competition. Terms and conditions say that it opens on 9:30am 13th February this year, and closes at 9:30 am 13th February last year.

    Tell the truth, you just want us to divulge our horrible experiences don't you?

      I promise we're not that nasty. T&Cs updated with correct info.

    I'd been going out with a lady for a couple of weeks, and decided for Valentines Day to go all out and romance like I'd never romanced before. I'd begun by sending roses and chocolates to her place of employment and continued with a lovely dinner followed by a lovely walk around town with some enormous ice creams. Headed home where I had candles lit etc. Sat down with her and she told me she had a lovely time with me tonight and she enjoyed the time spent with me that I had a great personality, but I wasn't physically attractive enough for her to want to continue going out with me any more. Needless to say she left, and I never saw her again. She could have had the manners to tell me before I forked out for all the romantic stuff.

    I've been sitting here for just over an hour now, scrambling my brain trying to think of my worst (or best!) valentines day story and I can't think of anything. I can't think of anything as I've never had a partner on valentines day. I'm 25, female, admittedly I do own two cats but..oh..I see where this is going...

    Thanks, lifehacker, for really driving that point home.

      +1 best story yet.

      Ditto - should be split the prize?

    Two years ago a complete stranger came into my work, he flirted with me, and then gave me a red rose. I thought this was a sweet and brave gesture, so I gave him my phone number, keen to meet up again. He was handsome and funny, and somene I would like to get to know better!
    For a few days we were sending each other text messages, back and forth, just having fun, before he asked me out to dinner.
    The restaurant he had picked was ok, not fantastic or posh or anything, but still a good place to go to eat on a first date.
    But on the night, there was a problem: The guy I was on a date with was not the same guy that had introduced himself at my workplace!
    I wondered if it was just my memory, thinking I must have forgotten his face etc. but no, it was clearly a different man! He was shorter, younger, and definitely did not have the same witty sense of humour.
    I was a little bit confused and the man seemed nervous, and when I confronted him about it, he said he had no clue what I was talking about! (which just confused me more, of course!)
    I thought to myself "Well I must've just been mistaken... maybe I was wrong..."
    We then began to eat dinner and engage in the obligatory small-talk. It was the most awkward time ever, trying to create a conversation based on nothing. We were definitely not a good match at all. Somehow I got through it though!
    At the end of the evening he took me home and walked me to my door. I wanted the terrible evening to be over, so I said "Goodnight" and began to go inside.
    He then asked me "Oh, aren't you going to invite me in?" to which I replied, "Sorry, no, I don't even know you." (I'm not a person who would sleep with someone on a first date.)
    Only THEN does he come clean about the whole evening saying "Oh yeah, I know. One of my friends just gave me your number. He's got a girlfriend, but he lost a bet and had to ask some random out on Valentines Day."
    Great. Lucky me.
    It was such a disaster though! I hope this year is better!


    i got a star wars dvd from my husband. i loathe sci-fi...

    This is was, by far, the worst date I've ever had. It was the most awkward and uncomfortable night of my life.

    He picked me up and as we were approaching the restaurant he said "This is a casual thing, yeah?". It was our first date so I responded with a smile and said "of course!", he THEN replied with "oh good, we're splitting the bill then". I just so awkward - why would someone want to start the evening off so tense!

    Then at the restaurant he had to check with the waiter THREE times that the water was free. When he handed his plate back to the waiter he said "Yeah, I just wasn't feeling it". What??? Then as we were leaving, I saw him stuff his pockets with about ten packs of crackers in his pocket . It was the most bizarre thing I had ever seen.

    Finally when he stopped the car outside my house he asked me if I had any male friend, I said yes, and he responded with "sweet, how many are bed buddies". I have never gotten out of a car that fast before.

      Are you sure that's not the same guy from my date? He was so cheap, and so sleazy! It really could be, I swear! :)

    My boyfriend took me out for a private cruise for our anniversary. The day started well, but it took a weird turn when one of the male waiters onboard was BLATANTLY hitting on my boyfriend. I felt like I was in some weird twilight zone because I was the only one that noticed it. I'm pretty sure exclusively refilling my boyfriends glass and touching his thigh "playfully" is flirting. To top off the evening, the captain of the boat was breathalysed for a random breath test by the water police and was found to be intoxicated. I'm not sure what was worse, the waiter slipping my boyfriend his number, or having our boat escorted back to shore by the water police.

    i once went on a date with a guy i had been chatting to online for a couple of months. he seemed normal (they always do, right?) but during dinner he told me, in great detail, about his different kinds of tracksuit pants.
    going out trackies,
    staying in trackies,
    trackies that are ok for going to the iga, but not to coles or a regular shop,
    sleeping trackies that were different than staying home trackies.
    he even takes them to a tailor to get turned into shorts if they get too worn out on the cuffs, but he still loves them, and wants to use them as summer trackies.
    i dropped him back at his place and by the time i'd got home and onto my computer, he had deleted me from chat.
    maybe i didnt own enough trackies....

    Prior to meeting my wife, I was going through an awkward dating period, and one in particular springs to mind.

    I picked the lady up for a 45 drive to the beach for lunch. About halfway into the drive, the topic of conversation wound its way around to the atrocities of female circumcision in third world countries. Hmm. Not really the sort of light conversation you want on a first date.

    Needless to say, there wasn't a second date.

    Well, it involved a very romantic dinner with my girlfriend at the time at a nice restaurant in Western Sydney (nowhere near where either of us lived), unfortunately her Mother and Father had also planned a nice dinner at the same restaurant and her parents had banned her from seeing me because I was also a female.

    It ended in tears. As well as me being covered in food.

    Turns out they didn't want their 22 year old daughter to be involved with another woman.

    I'm an international student in Sydney, am I eligible for the contest/prize? Since in the T & C it only says Australian residents.

    The last year that I was dating someone on Valentine's Day, he spent it out of town with a boy he had a crush on. And yes, they hooked up.

    Although its not valentines yet, but since my partner and I will be deadly busy throughout the week, we decided to have our valentines last weekend. I gave her the typical roses and v-day card, a beautiful corset that she wanted so much and matching dress, and a winnie the pooh DVD/BD which she also loved. All wrapped in red and hearts wrapping.

    She gave me a photo album of last year's Queensland floods in a Queensland Museum paper bag.

    I met a backpacker many moons ago from the Seychelles Islands and after being very drunk together that night ended up going home with her.

    Its not my usual thing and I liked her so I decided to be the romantic guy , but my ideas at romance couldnt have been worse.

    I first took her out to dinner to Doyles , turns out that she is allergic to seafood. So you can imagine how bad the dinner went.

    The second part of the night was 2 tickets to a gig at the metro by The Whitlams. She absolutely hated it , to the point of her turning to me and telling me it was the worst music she had ever heard. 1/2 way through the gig she said she was off to the toilet and she just didnt return.

    To top it off after the gig I walked to the nearby Henry the 9th Bar ( when it was still open ) to see her in there hooked up with someone else.

    Moral to the story , research , research and more research works better than spontaneity.

    First date with a girl. Arrives on the dot and we head off. Unfortunately she does a U-turn, a car smashes into us and I find out its her dad's car. Long conversations later, exchanges of details etc and the date never the same...


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    My worst ever romantic experience was I was about 15 or so going to a movie (i think it was the 3rd of 4th date?) and halfway through the movie, I realised there was this foul B.O stench - like overwhelmingly bad. A few minutes after this, I realised that it was me, and that I had forgotten to put on deodorant. I got out of my seat and went to the bathroom at the cinema, and washed my armpits out in the sink before going back to the seat - of course, it didn't really work and the smell got worse throughout the rest of the movie. I think I was almost in tears by the time it finished.

    To the guy's credit, he didn't say a word, and afterwards when he dropped me off home, he said that he was schizophrenic and had stopped taking his medication, and that it was maybe best that we didn't see each other again. I thought that was the biggest load of BS in the world, but a creative way of dumping someone - and it wasn't until a few months down the track that he was telling the truth!

    Although to be honest this valentine's days not looking up either - I'll be spending it in hospital!!!

    Okay so took a girl out to eat. i got a fancy reservation and everything. She was a vegetarian so i picked a suitable place WELL little did i know her ex was also a vegetarian and ALSO was going to this restaurant with his more recent girlfriend. Needless to say we ate and outside of that restaurant he dropped to one knee and proposed to my girlfriend. Apparently it was both of there favorite restaurant and bad luck goes she said yes.

      I call shenanigans

    Invited a girl i had a crush on for a long time to dinner (first date) on valentines day. I told her i would pick her up and take her to a surprise location for dinner
    (think regional town)... All excited on my way there, she calls to say she has a stomach bug, and cancels the date. I end up going to the restaurant anyway, as i had preordered slow cooked steaks.. So there I am table for one surrounded by romantic tables for two, with couples everywhere....and in walks my date..with another guy for dinner!....The upside...that night I met a girl who is now my wife...of 7 years!

    Not the Kind of Suprise I was driving home for...
    I was in a long distance relationship and once finished work at around 12:30am and drove for 3 and a bit hours in the morning to surprise my GF that I had an extra 2 days off in a row. I arrived and called cause her family was staying in the lounge room of her small unit. I told her I was standing out the front, she said she didn't believe me, then I looked up as the sliding door on the second floor opened and a guy's head popped out over the balcony. At this point I was a point like... what the... She came and opened the front door, with the guy in toe and I was not very impressed and soon realise her night out with the family turned into a little more. After waking everyone up from some heated discussions, I was not happy and very upset after driving for over 3 hours to surprise her and ended up leaving hastily in my car to stay at a friend's place. surprised to say we broke up no long after. So from a surprise romantic guesture to an eventual break all from an impromt drive down the freeway.

    My worst romantic experience happened a few years back. And was truly AWFUL;

    I'd been going out with this girl for just over 11 months. Things were going great, we'd become not only a couple but pretty much best friends. I knew she was completely against the idea of Valentines day ('Its disgusting and just an excuse for Hallmark to make more money'), and had refused to plan any sort of date with me, but nevertheless, being the great guy that I am, decided to buy her some roses and chocolates and drop them off at her house.

    So, I pulled up outside her house on my motorcycle, walked up to the door with the bunch of roses behind my back, and anxiously knocked. 10 seconds passed, and finally she answered. Immediately, she began to tell me how she told me she didn't want to see me today. Obviously, i then produced the flowers and the chocolates, in the hope that they would at least bring a smile to her face. WRONG. Yes she took them from me. I asked her could I come inside. she said no, and asked me to wait while she put the roses inside.

    So here I am, on Valentines day, stood on my girlfriend's doorstep, feeling like the biggest idiot around. She comes back to the door, and begins to shout at me for coming to see her, and that I shouldn't be there (obviously I'm confused at this point, and unsure what I had done wrong). A few minutes pass, obviously I keep rather quiet and try to be the understanding guy, to eventually have the door slammed in my face.

    Needless to say I broke up with her 5 days later.

    a few years ago i was going out with this chick. we went out for a good 3 months, but it wasn't really working out. long story short, i ended up breaking up with her over a chat room on valentine's day, without even realizing it was valentine's day.

    the next day i received death stares from her friends, my OWN friends and even some of my school teachers were giving me menacing looks. she came to my locker during a recess break, threw me out of the way and pulled her valentine's present out and screamed "F*** YOU, I'M RETURNING THIS PRESENT. I HATE YOU." i was emotionally heartbroken, she took Die Hard 4 on DVD. i was more depressed about parting ways with the DVD than my ex-girlfriend.

    So, I got married to the girl of my dreams (we'd been together for 4.5 years) and we headed off to Vanuatu for our honeymoon. We had a lovely little Villa right on the water of an island resort. It was an amazing place and we were both quite keen to "get to know each other" a bit better as we don't believe in sex before marriage.

    Unfortunately we both got a stomach bug and spend the whole week alternating who got to use the bathroom which was only separated from the rest of the Villa by a partition and all noises/smells were in no way obstructed...

    Needless to say, neither of us felt very romantic and while we both got to know each other quite well, it certainly wasn't in the way we had anticipated, lol

    I was taken on a romantic birthday getaway to Byron bay a few years ago. The weekend started brilliantly because it was a surprise. We had an awesome picnic lunch on the beach and headed back home later, but there was an incident in the spa that night. We were getting in the mood and he had put his head below the surface (for reasons we wont go into). I looked down as he bobbed up from the water because he couldn't breathe. He collided with my jaw so hard that the tip of my tongue was hanging by a thread and i had a mouth full of blood. I couldn't talk properly or taste anything for the weekend so we awkwardly watched movies and walked on the beach then left the next day. Not the best birthday memory to date..

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