Use Sugru To Fix A Leaky Hose

It is frustrating to find a leak in a hose, and using a leaky hose will waste a lot of water. But don’t panic! You can use a sachet of Sugru to repair just about any type of hose leak.

Instructables user Brennn10 offers the following instructions for fixing leaks: Make sure there is no water in the interior of the hose and use a cloth or your t-shirt to make sure the area around the leak is both dry and clean. Next, remove your Sugru and roll it in your hands for a minute or so and form it into the shape of a snake. Wrap the snake horizontally around the leak — ideally the ends should overlap to ensure a strong bond. Now you just flatten down the Sugru and wait 24 hours for it to cure.

After 24 hours turn on the hose and check to make sure the Sugru patch fixed the leak. For other ways Sugru can make your life better, check out all our posts about Sugru.

How to Repair a Leaky Hose with Sugru [Instructables]

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