KeyboardClean Tool Locks Your Mac Keyboard

Mac: I find that the moments I want to clean my keyboard (or have just spilled coffee on it) are rarely the times when my computer is actually off. More often I decide to clean my keyboard when I have 12 open tabs and a half-written blog post in the works, and don't want to power down just to do a quick cleaning. Enter KeyboardClean Tool.

If you have a USB keyboard you can just unplug it for cleaning purposes, but if you use a wireless keyboard the only way to switch it off is by removing the batteries. KeyboardClean Tool is a free and tiny app locks down your keyboard until you click on the app's button with your mouse. This ensures you can clean a switched-on keyboard without accidentally deleting half your work or filling it with gibberish.

KeyboardClean was created by the same developer as Better Touch Tool, a great little app that adds lots of handy gestures to your mouse.

For Windows users, check out Kid-Key-Lock, a similar program we covered a while years ago that can also lock down your input devices.

KeyboardClean Tool [ via Apartment Therapy


    Well, I don't know about Macs, but us PC users just hit Windows + L, and VAVOOM! the keyboard is locked, without the need to install another program.

      Oops, correction - you actually have to install Windows first.

      I guess the mini app would be much easier.

      Golly I feel silly.

    Open up whatever the Mac text editor is and off you go. I use this all the time on Windows (using Notepad) and it works well.

    So I'm guessing we've already ruled out unplug or turn off as solutions to this first-world problem ?

    Just turn bluetooth off...
    Or the text edit program sounds perfectly reasonable.
    This sounds like a great solution to a non-problem

      Probably not the best idea if the mouse is bluetooth as well. It can make turning it back on a little difficult.

      I don't know why everyone feels that this program is unnecessary. I think it's a great idea. If you open a text editor, you still risk hitting the media keys at the top or CMD+TABbing out.

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