What’s Your Preferred Viewing On Long Flights?

One of the things that makes international travel more tolerable these days is the ease with which you can entertain yourself. Many flights have on-demand entertainment systems built in with stacks of TV and movie content, and even if they don’t, it’s easy to load up a netbook or tablet with a bunch of DVD rips and watch exactly what you want. But what makes for the best in-flight viewing?

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This topic came up in the Allure offices recently, and we turn out to have wildly differing views. I like watching sitcoms or undemanding movie comedies, because I don’t want to concentrate too hard and I figure effects-fests are wasted on the small screen. Others favoured documentaries, or a hard drive filled with an entire US drama series. I don’t personally like live TV (a la Virgin domestic) because you never know if you’ll get to see the end of the show, but news junkies love it.

What’s your preferred in-flight entertainment type, and why? Tell us in the comments.

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