Use AirPlay To Watch Your IPhone 4S Camera On Your Apple TV

Want to check out the hair at the nape of your neck, see what the back of your throat looks like, or look into places where you can't fit your head? If you have an iPhone 4S and Apple TV you can set up AirPlay mirroring so whatever your camera is recording is displayed on your TV in real time.

Mac enthusiast weblog TUAW shares this handy trick: you can enable AirPlay mirroring by double-clicking the home button, swiping to the right twice, and selecting your Apple TV as your AirPlay destination. Make sure that mirroring is turned on. Then click on the home button and load your camera app.

Clever iPhone 4S Tricks: Look at your own ear [TUAW]


    I'm not an Apple user...but man that is cool, not to mention handy :)

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