Find Accommodation With Rentmix

You don't have to book a bargain-basement hotel when you head out of the house for a holiday. New web app Rentmix makes it easy to find available rentals in the area you're visiting so you can book ahead of time.

Rentmix aggregates listings from services like AirBnB, HomeAway, FlipKey and other short-term rental services and puts them all on a Google Map so you can see how far away from events and other landmarks each listing is. For example, if you're travelling for a specific convention, you can see which houses and apartments for rent are available close to the convention centre, instead of fighting all of the other attendees for hotel rooms. Just give Rentmix the dates of your trip, your budget for a rental and how many bedrooms you need. The web app will do the rest.

Have you rented an apartment when travelling instead of spending on a hotel? Share your experiences in the comments below.

Rentmix [via The Next Web]


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