Phone Scammers Pretending To Be From Australia Post

Phone Scammers Pretending To Be From Australia Post

We’ve repeatedly noticed the persistence of scam calls pretending to be technical support from Microsoft, Telstra and other large companies, and now there’s a seasonally appropriate version in the wild: callers demanding payment for a parcel due for delivery from Australia Post. As ever, it’s a con, and our advice is simple: just hang up.

As the government-backed SCAMwatch site notes:

Australia Post will never call you to request payment for an undeliverable mail item. If you receive a call that matches this description hang up!

Worth passing on to your more susceptible relatives and friends.



  • Australia Post, Department of Fair Trading, Gift Voucher/Product Offers, London Olympics 2012 Tickets, Free Solar Panels (or related Govt Grants), Lotteries and so on.

    The one a lot of people seem to get caught out from is the Department of Fair Trading one where the caller will first ring to do an innocent seeming survey/questionaire and then a few weeks later they ring you back, using the details you provided in the survey, to make you think they know you. Then they proceed to say there are unclaimed bank fees that you are entitled to and you just need to pay a small fee to receover them. In that survey, they will ask you stuff like who you bank with. They don’t ask for account numbers or anything weird.. just basic information. Then on the second call is where they make the real hustle.

  • I suppose most people who are half tech savvy have their own scammer story, here is mine.

    Whilst preparing a risotto (porcini ftw) I got a lovely call from a ‘microsoft’ rep telling me my computer was infected.

    I successfully managed to string them along as a ‘complete idiot’ user for a good hour, “sorry, right click on what?”

    After seraching and not finding my Virtual machine image, I had to eventually let to poor soul down and tell him he was being taken for a ride, at which point he swore at me yelled down the phone and hung up.

    Good times, good times.

  • how do I deal with any kinds of cold calling/scams?

    1) firstly sound really excited & interested; string them on for a while & then ask if they can wait a minute while you find your wallet (or some other lame excuse).
    2) Put the phone down somewhere
    3) come back 10-15 minutes later.. if they are still there; apoligise & tell them you’ll be right back..
    4) Rinse & repeat..

    The aim is to make it as unprofitable as possible for them by wasting as much of their time as you can.

  • If you have a young child in the house just give the phone to them. My nephew loves that he gets so many calls! He doesn’t have a clue what they’re saying, he just babbles away until they hang up.

  • Scammers are a despicable breed. They are not limited to Nigeria or India. We have been a victim of a scam initiated from Dundee in Scotland, where they hijacked my wife’s Yahoo account and then sent emails to all her Contact addresses, asking for money to help her get back home saying her passport etc was stolen and she was stranded in the UK! They even used her stationery and distinctive signature, no doubt copied from her Sent folder. They asked for money through Western Union and some of our friends were deeply concerned — luckily none sent money (or at least none have owned up) — but it was a distressing experience. We reported it to the Scottish and Australian constabulary — no result so far. Watch out if you have a Yahoo account!

  • Scammers are a despicable breed. They caused me problems by literally writing to my clients, and creating flase communications with my other clients email address. Trying to create deception and stealing even more information from my conatcs. The scary truth is that we are not safe from their deception

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