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You wanted NBN plan details, insight into Google’s future and your mystery hotels, and travel gadget gossip galore. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. Planhacker: Every NBN Price Compared
    Optus has announced its pricing plans for NBN customers, which means there are now four major companies vying for your NBN custom. We’ve got all the pricing in one handy and updated Planhacker spreadsheet so you can compare what’s available.
  2. Why Google’s Redesign Makes Us Nervous
    Google’s recent Google+-inspired changes to the interfaces for Google Reader and Gmail have led, as redesigns invariably do, to lots of online hand-wringing. Part of that is down to our resistance to change, but it’s also because those changes remind of us an uncomfortable truth: we are not actually in control of these services.
  3. How To Know Your Mystery Hotel Before You Book
    Hotel booking sites often offer a “mystery hotel” at seriously cut-down rates, but the risk you take is you don’t know exactly which hotel you’ll get (and whether that means extra expenses). But with a little search sleuthing, you can book a mystery hotel and be confident you know which one it is.
  4. Top 9 Gadgets You Should Have In Your Go Bag
    We share a lot of cool gadgets around here, but there are a few tech essentials we think should be in every geek’s laptop bag. Here are the 9 coolest (and most useful) gadgets you should always have with you.
  5. Ask LH: What’s Hogging ‘Other’ On My iPhone?
    Dear Lifehacker, Can you tell me why in iTunes, under my iPhone summary, there is 1.1GB used by ‘other’? I can understand app, music, photos but don’t know what the ‘other’ option is and why it is using my precious 1.1GB of space. Can I do anything about that? I have only 16GB so I want to use it for something useful!
  6. How To Add 3000 iPads To An Airline
    Jetstar has deployed iPads as its in-flight entertainment system, but the process has taken more than a year since the first public pilot was announced. What were the big technical challenges? How can the airline ensure they don’t get stolen or tampered with? And why isn’t Angry Birds available as an option? We’ve got the inside story.
  7. In Defence Of Windows
    Despite being the world’s most popular operating system, Windows gets a lot of flak from Mac users, Linux users and even self-hating Windows users. It may not be perfect (after all, what is?), but Windows has a lot going for it — enough to win a spot as my main OS after years using both Mac OS X and Linux. Here’s why.
  8. How To Make A Good First Impression Every Time
    In a perfect world, friendships, relationships and business contacts would all develop naturally and blossom exactly how you’d like, but that’s not the world we live in. In reality, we’re all busy people, and relationships take work — work that sometimes slips our mind. Rather than leave it all to chance, here are a few things that can help you leave a great first impression, and form that into a lasting relationship.
  9. How To Calibrate Your HDTV And Boost Your Video Quality In 30 Minutes Or Less
    Most HDTVs ship with default settings that are meant to look good in store showrooms, but more often than not, the default presets don’t take into account how the TV will look in your home, how far away from it you’ll sit or what the normal lighting in your room will be like when you fire up a new movie or watch the big game.
  10. How Nitro PDF Makes Money From Free Software
    We’re big fans of free software generally, but the question often arises: how do companies that build free tools professionally make any money? At a press event today, Nitro PDF (the Aussie company which makes our favourite free PDF reader and editor) shared some figures which provide an insight into how the ‘freemium’ approach works

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