Get Mac-Like Screen Corners On Windows 7

Get Mac-Like Screen Corners On Windows 7

Win7sé brings one of Mac OS X’s best features to Windows, letting you trigger different actions by moving your mouse to one of the corners on your screen.

We’ve shared a number of ways to get Mac OS X’s best features on Windows, but Win7sé fills another void by adding screen corners, which let you launch actions — like the an Alt-Tab overview of Windows, showing the desktop, showing your Windows gadgets, putting the display to sleep or activating the screensaver — through moving your mouse to the corners of your screen. It also has a few helpful miscellaneous features, like turning off Aero Peek and disabling the screensaver. A few of the actions (most notably the Alt-Tab preview) don’t really work on PCs with multiple monitors, so be wary of that, but the rest is still pretty useful. Hit the link to check it out.

Win7sé is a free download for Windows only.

Win7sé [DeviantART via AddictiveTips]

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