A Custom Test Page Helps You Use Every Drop Of Printer Toner

If your printer is claiming it's out of toner just a few pages before you're done with the current job, you can trick it into printing the rest by printing them as "test pages".

Photo by Sean MacEntee.

Blogger Andrew discovered that, while his Samsung printer was warning him of low toner, it still had a bit left in the tank — even though it wouldn't let him print anymore. He did find, however, that printing a test page worked, and that he could just "Print a Custom Test Page" using the document he wanted to print. Obviously, this wouldn't let you print an extra copy of your manifesto or anything, but if you just need to print out one or two sheets, it could come in handy.

Your mileage may vary depending on the printer brand, but if you hit the Hack a Day link below, the commenters over there have quite a few other suggestions for tricking your printer into thinking it has toner. And, of course, feel free to share your own tricks in the comments here. Samsung ML-1865W Low Toner Work-Around [Andrew Wiens via Hack a Day]


    Oh man I hate printers that don't let you print when they say they're out of ink (and they're not really). My Canon lets me print fine, but my Dad's Epson won't (even when it's out of a single colour and you're printing B&W), totally turned me off ever buying an Epson printer.

    I have a Samsung 1660, the other girl in the office has the 1865 (both non wireless).

    Both will run dry - you can keep printing until you get nothing but a feint grey colouring instead of the solid black it normally prints.

    Maybe the wireless one has this built in as a "feature" but the non-wireless ones will let you use all the toner.

    To get as much as possible out of the toner cartridge. Shake the toner cartridge a bit to release the remaining toner and you'll get afew more pages out of it too.

    I'd be careful.
    Some printers do this for a good reason (yeah, some are just dodgy, but not all) and any damage won't be covered by warranty.
    This is big issue for laser printers, my co-workers often have to replace major parts in laser printers when customers don't follow warning messages.

    Just put some dark electrical tape over the clear hole on one side of the toner, if it has one. Thats the level sensor, once the printer picks up nothing in the hole, it says it empty, chuck some electrical tape over it and bam, keep going for another hundred or so pages. Works on most brothers, hps I've come across.

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