Day-O Is A Simple Calendar Replacement For Your Menubar Clock

Mac: If you think it's a bit odd that clicking on the time in OS X's menubar doesn't give you a calendar, Day-O is a simple app that adds that functionality.It doesn't do anything else, it's not even integrated into iCal, but for those who want nothing more than a calendar to check dates, it's a great, tiny addition to the menubar. If you have the standard clock enabled in System Preferences, you'll want to remove it in order to use Day-O, because it functions as a replacement. It's a free download on developer Shaun Inman's site below.

Day-O [Shaun Inman]


    More interested in the wallpaper...

      I was just thinking that too!

    Thought it was something to do with mario brothers

    It looks like it's from Mother 3 IMO.

    So, does that only work with Lion or with SL as well??

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