Store Guest Bathroom Toilet Paper In A Clear Vase

Remodelling blog Young House Love recommends storing additional rolls of toilet paper in a clear vase in your guest bathroom; this ensures your guests never have to worry about anxiously looking around for a needed roll of paper. The clear vase protects the paper yet keeps it visible and easily accessible.Make sure you choose a vase that will accommodate jumbo rolls if you use them; consider taking a roll of your standard toilet paper with you when shopping for a vase for this purpose.

How Ya Bin [Young House Love]


    Looks nice, pretty sure some slob will piss on it though. #]

      They'll make a game of it. See who can fill it to the top first.

        you gotta get different guests...

        Although I usually figure the large tin/porcelain container next to the toilet probably holds the paper, or one freakishly massive toilet brush - either way, I'm guaranteed a clean behind.

        Yeah, I was talking mainly about poor aim myself! Boys in particular take quite a long time to get that aim just right! #]

          So glad I married a man who could aim and who taught my son to aim. Twelve years old and he's never missed. He's a little arsehole much of the time, but my toilet floor stays clean, so I claim parenting success.

            Why not drill a hole in the base of the vase as well? This will keep things flowing

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