How Kaspersky Provides Computer Security Without The Pain

No-one wants to see their private data stolen or their PC taken over as part of a botnet, but many people also resist installing security software because of the performance drag on their systems. Kaspersky Labs’ security products can ensure you stay protected without crippling your PC with bloatware.

It’s an all-too familiar scenario: you install a security suite and then watch as your computer grinds to a halt, with slow boot times, reduced application performance and constant annoying prompts that get in the way of what you’re actually trying to do.

As security software tries to deal with an ever-increasing range of threats, its size and performance hit also seems to grow at an even more rapid rate.

Kaspersky Labs’ superior performance in this field comes from a core focus on its main function: working as an anti-malware system. Ensuring that malicious software can’t execute on your machine is still the single most important function of any security program. Kaspersky’s Anti-Virus and Internet Security products never lose sight of this central goal, ensuring that your system is continuously protected and using a range of detection strategies to ensure that threats can’t take control of your system. As chief operating officer Eugene Buyakin explains:

The opinion that’s dominant now is that anti-malware is one of many components of a security solution. We think that the opposite is true. Classic anti-malware is still the most important element of any security strategy. We believe security development should be focused on providing not just a bigger comb of different products, but actually providing a deeper level of protection with existing products.

Kaspersky Labs’ main malware protection engine works in conjunction with reputation-based cloud analysis to ensure that you remain continuously protected. And with options for Mac, mobile and online users, Kaspersky Labs solutions can cover every aspect of your online life.



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