Figure Out The Best Time To Buy Your New SSD

Solid-State Drives are still the best upgrade you can make to your machine, and while they're known for their high cost, now might be the best time to buy one.

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Money-saving website Dealnews reports that SSD prices have dropped quite a bit since this time last year, so if you've been considering buying one, now might be the time. 64GB SSD's have the steadiest price drop, meaning you can buy one pretty much any time you're ready and you'll get a nice, low price. 128GB SSDs, however, are a bit more all over the map, as you can see to the graph on the right. They've dropped quite a bit overall, but it varies a lot month-to-month. So, if you need a higher capacity drive, you might want to more closely monitor their prices so you don't end up paying too much. Hit the link to read more.

Dealnews Price Trends: Is Now the Right Time to Invest in an SSD? [Dealnews]


    Grabbed a 120GB OCZ Vortex 2 just 4 weeks ago. It's turned into a great investment with almost everything on my PC working faster than ever.

      Yeah I bought one of those around a year ago, hasn't skipped a beat, and I'm not exactly gentle with it either!

    Ok So I have a Win7 desktop.. but it's an OEM desktop, so I don't have the full copy of the O/S. If I went with a SSD for my o/s drive, how much fiddling around is this going to be..

    That's ALWAYS my number one reason for not upgrading, it's hardly ever about the cost. It's always about the stuffing around getting the system back to where it was before the upgrade.

      OEM is the full version of Windows its just developed for computer manufacturers to put on pre-built PCs. As for putting it on your SSD, it's no different than using a HDD!

        Actually, if you back up the HDD with Windows installed, you should have no probs putting the backup on the SSD without the hassle of re-installing. I use Acronis personally, it supports using SSD's on the higher speed SATA connectors that come with most newer Mobos!

          You'd need to reactivate windows after you put the new drive in though, not that its really a problem, just something to be aware of

            Done it dozens of times, never had to reactivate..! #]

      If a laptop then you need 2 things at most, 1 if regular PC with multiple HDD cables

      1) An external connector to plug the drive into USB (or if your lucky like me to have 2x HDD bays in your laptop)

      2) Free HDD cloning software, i did that (i think i the WD version of truimage) when my old laptop hdd couldn't take it anymore.

      I did a lot of research on the changes to the OEM license for W7. As long as your MOBO doesn't change you're all good. So if it's time for a complete clean just install fresh on the SSD no call to MS support needed.

        Recently cloned hdd to ssd, and did indeed have to reactivate. Any hardware change can trigger it.

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