Check An Airline’s Foreign Website For Cheaper Airfares

Check An Airline’s Foreign Website For Cheaper Airfares

We’ve covered some great ways to get the best price when booking airfare, but this one comes from our friends at The Consumerist: check the airline’s site, but also check the airline’s foreign site in the country you’re visiting to see if the ticket is cheaper in that nation’s currency before booking.

The Consumerist has a few other common-sense tips to make sure you’re getting the best price on your plane ticket. Just be sure to take currency conversion rates (and any foreign currency fees for your credit card if you plan to use one) into account before jumping on a deal.

When you’re travelling internationally, what are some of your favourite ways to get the best price on your ticket? Share your tips in the comments.

How a Travel Hacker Buys an aeroplane Ticket [The Consumerist]


  • NO! How dare you use a site not meant for your geographical area!

    You’re going to get a whole lot of flak from all the haters who complained about buying books from via a UK proxy / getting a friend in the UK to order for you.

  • i have used this several times when travelling to Fiji, you dont even need to use the foreign site, just make it a 1 way flight from Fiji to aus and it does all the work for you. saved over $600 on a family trip recently in only 1 direction.

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