What Warnings Do You Want On In-Flight Movies?

Virgin Atlantic has attracted a lot of attention this week after announcing that it would provide "weepie warnings" on in-flight movies liable to leave the audience in tears. What kind of information would you like before picking a flick on a flight?

I can't imagine needing a crying warning, since I rarely watch movies on planes without knowing a little about them. Aside from the standard "this movie has been edited for in-flight viewing", I'm not sure there's much else I'd want to know apart from the cast list and director. What information would you like to see? Tell us in the comments.


    Pffft,...What will happen..? Some silly beggar sues the company for making them cry over a silly chick flick? Actually that's the warning that should be shown,.."This movie has been classified a chick flick! Watch at own risk" #]

      Hey, it's not just "chick flicks" - remember the dog in 'I am Legend'?
      Got something in my eye right there, I tell ya.

    Agreed. Apart from the classification there should be a funny one-line review posing as a classification:
    Transformers 2 - recommended for male children 15 and under. Contains giant robot scrotum joke.
    The Mechanic - recommended for fans of Jason Statham only. Contains Jason Statham playing that role he's good at.
    Pans Labyrinth - not recommended for children at all. Most of you grown ups will also be freaked out.
    Death Race 2 - not recommended for anybody. The first one had Jason Statham (see The Mechanic) and the chick was hotter.

    I'd like an indication of just how edited for in-flight viewing a film has been altered (at the very least, an indication of the number of minutes missing).

    Qantas I think warns you if the flight is going to include scenes of air crashes. You wouldn't want your kid seeing the start of 'Castaway', any of 'Red Eye' or 'Snakes on a Plane'

    After finding highschool musical absolutely hilarious on a longhaul flight from the UK, perhaps there should be a warning for your seatmates about movies likely to cause hysterical giggles in the sleep deprived.

    I'm not averse to nudity, but it would be nice to have a warning.

    On a recent flight I loaded up a movie on my screen and was a bit shocked for it to open with a nude scene. Being the first person to load up something, a few other people were looking at my screen and I got pretty embarrassed. I did a quick 'ohh I must have the wrong channel' look at the remote and fast forwarded it :(

    Warnings for violent sexual themes. Watched "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" on a flight to Japan. Disturbing viewing for me, let alone the people around me who must have wondered what the hell i was watching.

      +1 for that - but I would extend it to anything that's pornographic/contains sex.

      Not only would I find it uncomfortable if this came up on my screen unexpetedly and I could feel the judging eyes of those around me, but I would also not lie to see that on the screens of those next to me, where I can't really get away from it.


    It's sooo embarrasing, I've been caught EVERY time!

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