The Enough Already Mutes Your TV When Celebrities Come On

The Enough Already Mutes Your TV When Celebrities Come On

Sick of hearing about Charlie Sheen’s tiger blood or Kim Kardashian’s latest gaffe? This simple DIY project will mute your TV whenever it starts talking about a celebrity or subject you’ve heard enough of.

This project’s actually fairly simple, even though it involves electronics like an Arduino. Coupled with the Video Experimenter Shield (which you can buy pre-soldered onto an Arduino), you can run a program that monitors the closed captioning and mutes your TV every time it comes across a word or phrase you tell it to ignore. It’ll unmute it after 30 seconds — as long as that word or phrase isn’t mentioned again — so you never again have to hear about Lindsay Lohan going to jail ever again. Check out the video above to see it in action, and hit the link for more info. And, if you’re looking for a similar solution for the internet, we’ve got you covered there too.

Enough Already: The Arduino Solution to Overexposed Celebs [Make]


  • Undoubtedly the best invention since the pop-up toaster. This is the sort of tech we need in military grade quality and quantity to fight the plethora of mind-numbing crap fed to us ever more frequently through so many mediums it’s not funny.

    On the other hand, just change the freaking channel or turn the TV off!

    The guy in this video seems like both the cause of, and answer to, uncelebrity (famous for no good reason) obsession. I’m sure he would tweak that array of keyword filters on a daily basis rather than just giving the uncelebrity mania the elbow.

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