Silence Of The Celebs Extension Removes Celebrities From News Sites

Silence Of The Celebs Extension Removes Celebrities From News Sites

Chrome: Sick of hearing about Snooki, Charlie Sheen, or anyone named Kardashian? Install the Chrome app ‘Silence of the Celebs’ to put any celebrity or political figure on a gag list that will remove posts featuring those names from the top news sites.

Currently the extension works with Twitter, The New York Times, CNN, Huffington Post, Google News, Gawker, Mashable and TMZ (a US-centric list but one that would still cut down a lot of noise). Silencing on Twitter is in real time, which would have been handy during the week of Prince William’s wedding.

The only downside is that the extension accesses both your browser history and data on all websites. Here’s the developer’s reasoning:

Gesture Theory [the developer]does not collect any of your information. The extension says we have access to “Your browsing history” so we can interact with the tabs and update the badge counter on the Silence of the Celebs icon. There is also a disclaimer that Gesture Theory has access to “Your data on all websites”. This is so you don’t have to re-authorize the plugin every time we add support a new site.

If that is a privacy concern, this may not be the extension for you. Otherwise, it does what it promises and keeps unwanted celebrities out of your news.

Silence of the Celebs is a free extension in the Chrome Web Store.

Silence of the Celebs [Chrome Web Store


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