Mishra Reader Adds Animations And Metro UI To Google Reader

Windows: If you can't wait for Google Reader to get the same makeover that Google Calendar just received, Mishra Reader is a desktop RSS reader that adds smooth transitions and Metro UI themes to your feeds.You'll need the .NET 4.0 Framework installed to run Mishra Reader, but once installed, log in to the app to retrieve your Google Reader subscriptions. If you're a fan of Metro UI, Mishra has it in spades. The app's smooth transitions from list to article and back again are an improvement over the web. Mishra can also be minimised to the systray, and will alert you periodically when there are new feeds to read when there are new items, otherwise out of the way.

Mishra Reader [CodePlex via Addictive Tips]


    Nice...Except it's not available yet.

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