AdBlock Video Blocks Ads In Online Video Players

Firefox: AdBlock Video is a simple Firefox extension that eill play your videos commercial-free.Sadly, regular old Adblock Plus can't usually block video ads. Luckily, AdBlock Video does it in a pinch. Just install the add-on and enjoy ad-free videos.

As always, we do believe you should support the sites you visit. However, you've probably noticed that many of these players play the exact same ads over and over again, which can be very annoying, so we understand the desire to block if you're a particularly heavy video watcher. Use with care, please.

AdBlock Video is a free download, works wherever Firefox does.

AdBlock Video [via AddictiveTips]


    Out of curiosity Whitson, which sites are you using that play adds in their video feed? Never come across that myself, though I don't watch much online video in the first place! #]

      youtube does...and most of the online video sites will follow suit or are already doing it

    Wouldn't mind a video ad blocker for Chrome actually. I heard that it's a challenge due to the way it handles videos

    "Sadly, regular old Adblock Plus can’t usually block video ads." That's just plainly wrong. Adblock Plus for Firefox IS able to block video ads in most cases. What do you mean by "old"?

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