iPad Mac Desktop

iPad Mac Desktop

Mac OS X Lion is attempting to bring the best parts of iOS to the Mac desktop. Reader Ace Convict decided to bring a little bit more a little bit sooner by turning his desktop into an iPad homescreen.

Ace Convict may have taken it a little too far, though:

Finder is disguised as Safari and the Trash is disguised as the iOS App Store. Fun but definitely not practical.

That said, if you like the simplicity of the iPad home screen and want to replicate it on your desktop, you don’t have to go so far as to change every dock icon to match. The Flurry icon set used here contains iOS-style icons for the Finder and trashcan — a few options, actually. The rest is just grabbing a serene image for wallpaper (many of which are included with OS X, like the one used here), enlarging your dock, and organising your desktop icons on a grid. Easy to do and kind of fun.

MacPad or iPad Pro [Lifehacker Desktop Show and Tell Flickr Group]


  • I predicted some time ago, that as the Apple mobile devices become more powerful and inline with conventional computers, that Apple will ditch OSX and move their Macs to iOS. After seeing the pitiful “improvements” listed for Lion, it seems imminent now lol

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