Dropdo Is A Fast, Minimalist File-Sharing Service

Dropdo is a service that allows users to share and view files online. Users can share files up to 25MB in size by simply sending the Dropdo link to the recipient, and media files can be viewed or played directly in the browser.

Almost any common media or document file can be viewed or played in Dropdo. For documents, users can view plain text, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, RTF, PDF, CSV and more. URLs can also be entered in lieu of uploading a file directly.

There's currently no limit to the life-span of hosted files, but there's also no way to delete them without emailing Dropdo. The site's FAQ mentions this and says that deleting files will likely be included once user accounts are added as a feature in the coming months.

There are also free extensions available for both Chrome and Firefox, which allow users to right click on items in web pages and send them straight to the service. [Chrome Web Store/Firefox Add-ons]

Dropdo [via Cybernet News]


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