See Your iPhone's IMEI And Other Info With One Click In iTunes

There are several ways to find your iPhone's IMEI, but people don't generally think to just check in iTunes — because it doesn't say anywhere in the app that you can.

There's no button or hint given, but if you simply plug your phone in and open iTunes, you can change the information shown in the lines for "Serial Number" and "Phone Number" by just clicking on them. Alternate info, like your phone's IMEI, your SD card's ICCID, your iOS version's build number, and your UDID (the phone's other unique identifier that Apple likes to use for service requests) will cycle through as you click. Simple, no?


    ...and if you lose your phone, you can go to the "backups" area in iTunes and hover over yyour phone and it will show the IMEI. Sadly have had to use this before :(

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